Cardiff City Ladies Football Club

I’m Delighted to announce our new partnership with Remember 2 Care. This is the First of its kind where a Football Club has teamed up with a Community Interest Company (CIC) like Remember2Care. As a Football club we are committed to more than just football, we are a club where people can feel safe and supported, where we help our players recover from physical and mental issues. We will be looking to grow the brand of Remember 2 Care through our planned workshops throughout the season as we work together.

Joshua Evans
Director of operations.


Menspeak Men's Group

MenSpeak  Men’s Group CIC founder Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz (known in the media as The Man Whisperer) has been holding men’s groups in London and around the UK for 20 years and he launched daily MenCheck-in online mini men’s groups at the start of lockdown to keep men safe, sane and able to connect with themselves and other men, rather than over-thinking and lashing out on others, or lashing in on themselves through self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Men can wait up to 18 weeks for mental health treatment on the NHS and will normally be offered a limited number of cognitive behavioural therapy sessions. The immediate availability of men’s groups means they can be the solution to waiting for overstretched services, and early intervention can make significant savings to the NHS.

MenSpeak  has the distinction of contributing to the world’s first male psychology degree module at Sunderland University’s School of Psychology. Senior lecturer Dr Rebecca Owens commented: ‘The aim is to raise
awareness of male psychology and emphasise the importance of understanding differences. Kenny and his facilitators allow students to experience a men’s group online session, and it’s invaluable through its experiential approach. Students can understand the impact of peer-to-peer groups and their importance in early intervention strategies.’

Kenny’s long-term goal is to enable men’s groups to be as available as 12-step treatment programmes and reduce their need in future. His wish is to train as many people as possible to hold peer lead spaces so men can consciously hang out, be heard and get real. Kenny has worked with Mother Theresa, whose sacrifices in the face of relentless work and exhaustion inspired Kenny to start his journey of public service. He has 25 years of experience in facilitation and provides CPD-accredited training to professionals,
therapists, and coaches – the only accredited course for men’s group facilitation.

Health4Curriculum (H4C)

Health4Curriculum (H4C) is an organisation formed with the purpose of campaigning and working with charitable organisations, and public bodies to provide First Aid and Mental Health First Aid/Awareness into schools across the UK.