I’m Andy,

In 2023, I was appointed UK Director of Business Transformation & Site Leader at General Dynamics Land Systems UK Ltd. I’m at the forefront of short-term operational delivery while advancing long-term strategic goals around streamlining quality improvement and cost savings. 

I’m able to seamlessly switch between an operational, tactical, and strategic focus as required. My dexterity in identifying and addressing areas of underperformance has been key to my success.  I thrive in a fast-paced, executive leadership role with large P&L accountability and significant strategic influence.

My strong communication skills position me strongly to federate a broad, complex stakeholder network. With a hands-on, engaging, and inspiring management style, I get the very best from large teams of staff. As a qualified coach, I’m able to maximise the performance and potential of all. I excel at getting things done by delivering clarity of direction while promoting ownership and accountability. 


Dr. Daniel Nightingale is a Clinical Dementia Specialist and Psychotherapist specializing in the field of dementia. Now based in Tempe, Arizona, he is originally from the UK and practices in both the US and the UK. Dr. Nightingale is the Founder of the Dr Daniel Nightingale clinic in Tempe and Founder and CEO of Nightingale Dementia Consultants. He is also a commissioned author by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, having written A Clinician’s Guide to Non-Pharmacological Dementia Therapies and The Pocket Guide to Mouth and Dental Hygiene in Dementia Care, an educator, researcher and writer – he is a writer for the UK based journal Expert Care Manager and penned The Nightingale Model of Enriched Care. He is the world leader in the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment option for people with dementia – this follows the peer reviewed, published empirical research he led in conjunction with Dr. Simon Duff and the University of Liverpool.


Giovanni is one of the most driven and charismatic characters you will ever meet and is proud to be a Welsh Italian.
An entrepreneur and local celebrity and now an Author he is the longest going Italian restaurant group in wales and still wakes up every morning excited to make people smile and satisfy their tastebuds.
His gratitude goes out to his family, staff celebrities,customers and to one woman especially his sister Francesca who is always been the backbone of the Giovannis dream.
Giovanni has been a major influence on shaping Cardiff’s restaurants and night time economy. It was his idea to pioneer and create the Cafe Quarter in Mill Lane which is now so well established as the go to place to eat, drink and have fun and it has also become one of the most talked about experience for those visiting our City for the first time.
Giovanni’s enthusiasm is infectious and he is passionate about Cardiff and his brand will be associated with our Capital City for ever


Getting your finances in the best order possible is fundamental to personal wellbeing and peace of mind. Mike Jarman is a founding director and IFA at Stepping Stones Wealth Management Ltd and has been in the advice arena for over 20 years. He is a qualified Pension Transfer Specialist advising on pensions, investments and protection needs to both personal and corporate clients.

The Stepping Stones ethos is to ensure a professional, ethical and quality service at all time. Mike applies his considerable experience along with a personable and knowledgeable approach to enable his clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their long term financial health, needs and objectives.


Youth Support

My current role is a Youth Support Worker providing support to those aged between 11-25yrs, delivering awareness workshops including Drugs & Alcohol, Online Safety, Healthy Relationships and more. Over the past 3 years I have achieved a number of qualifications including Levels 2 & 3 in Youth Work, Level 3 in Childcare Learning and Development, and a Level 4 certificate in Counselling. I also hold a Degree in Film & Video. The main opportunities offered in my job role is the provision of support to the wellbeing of our young people within our community, including personal, emotional and social wellbeing. We provide an active listening ear, guidance including signposting and referrals, and even support for young people looking for work with CV advice and job searches.

My education is ongoing through regular attendance of training to ensure that the support I provide our young people is accurate and up to date. This includes training in Suicide awareness, First Responder in Drugs & Alcohol, Naloxone administration, Trauma awareness, Autism awareness and much more.

My goal is to extend my educational journey so that I can continue to support the wellbeing of our young people, to help guide them to making safer choices and broadening their minds to the vast number of possibilities that life has to offer them.



Vanessa is in charge of keeping our written output suitably shiny, keeping us on the grammatical strait and narrow and not letting those apostrophes get out of control. After studying modern languages at Cambridge, she spent most of her career writing and later editing Hansard in the House of Commons. She also travelled widely, from Norway to North Korea, Sydney to Strasbourg, and organized international conferences in Malta and Thailand. Since then she has continued to travel and to write articles for magazines supporting causes she cares about. A dedicated vegan, she is bemused to find herself on trend after thirty years off piste. She lives in Cambridge with her retired lecturer husband and their rescued Russian Blue cat. Her favourite pastimes are travelling and rocking boats, especially when she can combine the two.

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts. I am 23 years of age from Pontypridd in South Wales. I am just coming to the end of my Psychology and Counselling BSc at the University of South Wales. I am about to undergo training as a counsellor. I have recently completed training as a coach and mentor. I have experience in support work. My main interests are improving mental health and well-being across a range of communities.

Contact: 07450833546

Nichola Larkman

In 2005 I began a senior teaching position at a Welsh medium school. It was here I had the privilege of teaching a very special group of children. Through their innocent honesty, they facilitated a journey of self-reflection. I have been honoured and privileged to work with many wellbeing practitioners who have been key to my personal journey, many of which are part of R2C’s work today. They supported me in developing tools to overcome the impact of separation and grief and in creating new structures to move forward positively. This very personal experience helped me fully understand and appreciate the importance of wellbeing on behaviour, achievement, and happiness. Experiencing the importance of this first hand, wellbeing became my focus and priority in every classroom, childcare setting, and training room I have delivered in since, as well as with my own children and family.  I am so very excited to be a part of Remember 2 Care and supporting others in their own journeys.

Tina Jenkins

From logical, methodical accounting to spiritual healing

Born and bred in the Rhondda Valleys. I am married with two beautiful girls and a qualified accountant. I liked the fact that with accounts there is a right and a wrong answer, everything can be reconciled and proved. However, when my Dad passed away some 15 years ago, I couldn’t let go. I so desperately wanted to have another chat with him and I started to delve into spirituality. I stumbled across Reiki, had lots of sessions and found it to be very relaxing. I then decided to learn about Reiki and qualified as a Reiki Master in 2014 and then took a course in Integrated Energy Therapy and am now a Master Instructor.

I love people and helping them grow.

Yasmin Neves

As cheesy as it sounds, I’m a true people person and I’m often told that I don’t seem very HR-y. Through my diagnosis of MS I became obsessed with the mind-body connection and began my education in personal and professional coaching.

I learned more about how our thoughts and feelings impact our lives and how to implement changes on an unconscious level.

Today, I’m a coach, speaker, and successful entrepreneur. I run a multi award winning HR Consultancy, Healthy HR and I enjoy working the land of my smallholding and living a conscious, sustainable life.

I am proud to sit on the tribunal for employment claims in England and Wales.

My dream is to create cultures where the wellbeing of employee’s is an unspoken expectation within companies and to proactively support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our client’s team.