Brenda Horton

My Name is Brenda Horton. I am married with three children and 8 Grandchildren and I live in Caerleon South Wales. I have been a dowser for the last 13years, before that I had a small restaurant, then a B &B both of them In the village of Caerleon. I use dowsing to research and clear energies of an unhelpful nature for individuals, properties or land, thus freeing up blocked or stuck frequencies and allowing a better more balanced situation. The System is called Spiritual Response Therapy and if you are unfamiliar with this you can look it up on the Spiritual Response Association website. This will explain more about what I do. The result of this work has assisted thousands of people to live clearer more joyful lives

 At present I am able to do video calls on What’s App, FB messenger or Telegram at a pre-arranged date and time, so, if you are interested contact me on 07787940901. I look forward to meeting you.