From Aircraft Engines to Human Dynamics – a bit about myself.

A proud son of the South Wales Valleys, I was married and a father at 17, working with my Dad at Port Talbot and later at GE Aviation Nantgarw with my brother Mark till his untimely death in a road accident.

For 17 years I worked my socks off to support my family, and then it all fell apart

I tried various forms of therapy and learned a lot about myself. People saw how I had turned my life around and wanted me to help them too, so I began to study in earnest and eventually left engineering to practise as a fully qualified therapist.I also joined a band, Sounds Familiar, with whom I still play sax to this day.

My passion grew to help others to be the best they can.



Rhondda girl born & bred to working class parents that tried to give me all possibilities & experiences by always putting myself & my elder sister first. This was key to my appreciation of my parents’ attitude towards life & how strong they were & made me. This was definitely the foundations for me in employment/career paths, becoming a wife & mother of two beautiful daughters.

Despite my Dad’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia, he still inspires me to keep going & fight for want you want to achieve in life. Becoming part of Remember 2 Care & our mission became a “no brainer” for myself & my family.

I found myself in a competitive & extremely active childhood being a Club Swimmer, Lifeguard & a participant & love for all sports. Physical wellbeing & nutrition was definitely something that came natural to me. As a mother & wanting to make sure that my children were water confident from birth, I found myself wanting to give back a life skill, so I trained as a Swimming Instructor teaching Babies & Children in local pools within RCT. This is part time as a passion alongside my 16-year career in Local Housing.

My many roles within housing has made me see 1st hand what generations of individuals/families may face every day whether it be Relationship breakdowns, Food Poverty, Fuel Poverty, Digital Inclusion, lack of opportunities to progress in schools & higher education, lack of facilities/services in the local area & young & older Carers that go unnoticed. This each comes with physical, emotional & spiritual challenges every day & I am proud that Remember 2 Care have so many professionals that can make a positive change or difference. 

I am excited to be part of Remember 2 Care & look forward to how we can empower you to be the best you can be.