The founder of Chiropractic posed the question, ‘What made one man/women well, and another sick?’

At the age of 15, Ben was working in a nursing home as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award and a similar thought came to him. Why were his grandparents well, but yet people of the same age and the same socio economic background so frail, so sick, and so sad?

This is when Ben’s journey of understanding health began. His time spent in Australia introduced him to chiropractic, which is where his fascination for the profession and thirst for learning was harnessed.  Ben graduated from W.I.O.C with a first class honours and then continued to develop his knowledge and understanding by attending courses, sharing ideas with colleagues and spending time in his ‘Chiropractic Green Books.’

Ben believes that if your body is going to function at its optimal  level, you will need to have the ability to adapt to environmental stressors. That a fully functioning nervous system free of interference enables the co-ordination and optimal functioning of all of the critical systems in your body. However, Ben has also come to the conclusion, through personal experience, that integration of the latest technologies in combination with chiropractic care can make an even more significant impact in reaching ones health potential.

Ben continues to develop his understanding and is humbled by the experts he is introduced to and is learning from. He has developed a particular interest in cranial work. Ben is the visionary for At 36 and looks forward to welcoming you and your family to Wales’ first Ultimate Biohack Facility