Ján Beytell

The body is a complex and intelligent creation that is always striving to perform at its optimum.  Spinology looks at restoring the communication in the body by removing Spinal occlusions  allowing the body to work to the best potential it has available to it.  

Ján is the first practicing Spinologist in the UK and his main focus is to help the body work to its  best potential without interference. When our body has an interference (Spinal Occlusion) in  communication from the brain to the rest of the body we don’t work as efficiently as we can.  

Good nerve supply = optimal body function 

Optimal body function = Best YOU that YOU can be  


  • in health 
  • in sports 
  • in pep and energy 
  • in memory 
  • in mental acuity 
  • in physical dexterity in coordination

Spinology is a profession designed specifically to assist the body to function and perform at its  optimum. Your spine is constantly in motion, being affected positively and negatively by physical,  chemical and emotional changes. Spinologists work with the living body only when it cannot  correct itself by applying gentle, specific forces into the muscles around the spine. 

Spinologists focus on the spine (which protects the spinal cord; responsible for all  communication between the brain and the body) to ensure there is no interference with the  messages that are being sent. If the communication is in any way distorted this directly affects  the function and performance of the body.