Judith Johnson

Having originally trained as an Occupational therapist and worked for many years with people with a range of medical and psychological issues, I decided that Complementary therapies were my future.  

I have run my business, Every Body’s Better since 2009. My aim is to help people who are in discomfort, out of balance, have poor movement, have surgical or traumatic scars or struggle with tension and anxiety, using gentle techniques that have a rapid effect.  

The hands-on techniques I use are called EMMETT Technique and Sharon Wheeler ScarWork. I use the EMMETT Technique for people and also for dogs.

I will be offering a technique which mixes hypnotherapy and NLP and is called Rapid Transformational Therapy, to help care for my clients in a totally holistic way. This technique can also be offered online. 

I am an Instructor of the EMMETT Technique – offering Introductory courses and Practitioner level courses on the human side and also the EMMETT for Dogs Introductory Course. 

My business is mainly centred in South Wales, in Llandeilo and Swansea, but I do travel to teach.