Juile Britton

Julie has worked as a behaviour performance coach for 25 years, focusing on individual effectiveness, leadership, emotional intelligence, dealing with imposter syndrome, developing confidence in one’s own abilities and the communication skills needed for greater productivity and profitability.

Having experienced great grief and anxiety at the loss of her parents, Julie trained as an Ayurveda lifestyle coach and a mindfulness coach. She has supported individuals and communities around mental health, stress and relationships, helping people to take responsibility for their own lives and the roles they play, recognising their own needs and communicating them effectively, the effects of a hopeless mindset, being a victim or victimising others, and the effects of all this on their lives.

Many people were able heal their relationships, set up their own business, find hobbies and interests giving them purpose beyond their work, develop better attitudes to food and alcohol, recognise abusive behaviour, know when to say no, understand their own values and needs, manage their own stress and wellbeing, and finally to accept themselves.

Julie’s pride and joy is helping young people become leaders for change in Wales and the world. Successful projects with Ospreys youth rugby have helped young players prepare for the adult sporting world while the Fort project has enabled talented youngsters to prepare for and deal with the stresses of the music world. So much is possible for young people today if they are effectively listened to and supported.