Kristina Raynes – Reflexology

Following a car accident in 2002 and suffering from whiplash injuries, Reflexology was the only treatment that enabled me to put my life back together.  As a client for over three years, I was totally blown away by how powerful Reflexology was; and how much of a difference it could make to not just physical issues and injuries, but also general wellbeing and mental health.

It was this realisation that lead me to train as a Reflexologist, as I felt more people needed to know what was available to them, other than the standard medication from the GP and Physiotherapy, which was all that was available to me at that time. 

I have now been a Reflexologist for fifteen years. Additional training in Advanced Spinal Reflexology allowed me to see spinal misalignment from the feet and tailor treatment specifically to the realignment of the lower back and the correction of painful areas or restrictions in joint mobility by freeing up the hips, neck and shoulders.

Further specialisation in Lymphatic Drainage allows me to work specifically on chronic conditions such as lymphoedema and the pain which accompanies it. Reflexology Lymphatic drainage has been a game changer to my practice, not only with regard to Breast Cancer clients who see dramatic changes to their swollen arms and feel ‘normal again’ but to many clients who have a range of conditions including auto-immune, who benefit greatly from this approach.