Rushmoor Farm

Care homes can offer all manner of therapy to make the lives of those who live there more rewarding. We offer a variety of activities to stimulate and interest our residents, from arts and crafts, gardening and also trips to the theatre and concerts.

At College Fields Nursing Home in Barry, South Wales we have an associated smallholding called Rushmoor House. From the smallholding we bring the animals to not only our home but to other care homes and also but people can come and share with us our peaceful surroundings and the animals in their natural environment. We have found over the years that the response has been outstanding. 

Some people enjoy meeting the animals, and it brings back childhood memories, happy times. Others enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings and are perfectly content to admire the lake and immerse themselves in nature.


We have a herd of pygmy goats, which are extremely inquisitive and friendly. Our herd are happy to come and meet any new friends and the antics always raise a smile.

Once a year we bred goats and the kids are always guaranteed to have the Ooooh factor. The kids stay with their mums until they are 12 weeks old but after that we are able to take them to meet others off the farm. It also gives their Mums a rest! 

The kids in the care home are especially loved by one and all and are very happy to sit on a lap and have a cwtch.


We have three donkeys who love nothing more than to meet people. Our donkeys are remarkably gentle with children and older people whether they are on two feet or in a wheelchair. Nothing phases these girls and they love to be groomed and pampered.


We have a small flock of chickens and to watch them in their run is so satisfying as they peck their way around or create their own dust baths. To show visitors the results of the chickens labour reminds many of their childhood. There is nothing like a freshly laid egg and the delight of finding one.

Sheep and lambs

We have a flock of coloured Ryland sheep. We chose this breed as they had a reputation for being gentle and inquisitive. Some of our favourites will happily come and mingle. Probably, the highlight for many residents is meeting the newly born lambs. We have had a number of residents who have been delighted to bottle feed some of them. Indeed, we have residents who have lived in Wales all their lives and never touched a sheep.

The joy that they experience when they interact with our lambs makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Visits to Rushmoor

As we are a small farm we can offer a very ‘up close and personal’ experience. There has been several research studies carried out which shoe how animals can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and give us a sense of well-being. They also ask for nothing but love and kindness.

All our visits allow our visitors as much interaction as they want. Some visitors do not wish to see the animals but sit by the side of the lake and take in the beautiful countryside. It’s a lovely place to have a chat or just be still. 

If you would like to visit our little farm then we can be contacted by telephone on 07816213088.

We look forward to seeing you. Rachel and Mike