Saffron Cooksey

It has been my privilege to dedicate my 25 year career to supporting young people – firstly as a Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and in recent years as a Young People’s Mental Health Coach. I’m extremely passionate about empowering children and teens to become the best version of themselves. I teach them a positive lifelong mental health toolkit to enable them to confidently navigate life’s twists and turns – and in so doing I teach them to become calm, confident, resilient and happy.

As a young people’s anxiety specialist my dedication stems from the fact that I myself battled with a number of mental health issues as a child and teen including selective mutism, ARFID (an eating disorder), social anxiety, generalised anxiety and depression. Without support it took me over 20 years to completely overcome my debilitating mental health issues, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been anxiety free for many years now. My own childhood battle with my mental health has enabled me to engage extremely well with young people who are reluctant to receive support. I am on a mission to ensure that no child has to suffer with their mental health for 20 years just as I did.

My lifelong goal is to empower everyone I meet to talk comfortably and freely about their mental health, because in my experience the “wait and see” approach is rarely an effective plan.