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First established in 2019, Remember2Care is a fully immersive organisation that holds people at the heart of its actions. A community of trusted professionals and volunteers to implement support and help to improve the lives of those around us.

A forward-thinking Community Interest Company that offers inclusive support packages, tailored to the real life needs of people through a holistic approach, focusing on the emotional, physical, and overall wellbeing. Transforming the health of our Welsh communities.

Providing various packages, programmes, training, workshops, tools, and techniques to be more self-sufficient. Supporting families, carers, and service users with emotional and physical support.


Enhancing community health through holistic services to improve well-being. Empowering people to be more confident towards their self-care and building resilience to bring hope, healing, and growth. Interconnecting our communities regardless of their circumstances.


A future where individuals receive comprehensive care, addressing their diverse needs and ensuring that everyone has access to services that promote both emotional and physical wellness, creating a more accessible healthcare system.


Providing a safe and authentic service that’s inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgemental.
Passionate about people’s well-being and the communities they live in.
Respecting the needs of others and continually striving for highest excellence and quality,
For everyone to live their best life.


Stephen Truelove

Mind Set Coach and Emotional Support Therapist

Rhiannon Jenkins

Tenancy Support Officer

Cai Preedy

County Councillor


Stephen Truelove

From Aircraft Engines to Human Dynamics – a bit about myself.

A proud son of the South Wales Valleys, I was married and a father at 17, working with my Dad at Port Talbot and later at GE Aviation Nantgarw with my brother Mark till his untimely death in a road accident.

For 17 years I worked my socks off to support my family, and then it all fell apart

I tried various forms of therapy and learned a lot about myself. People saw how I had turned my life around and wanted me to help them too, so I began to study in earnest and eventually left engineering to practise as a fully qualified therapist.I also joined a band, Sounds Familiar, with whom I still play sax to this day.

My passion grew to help others to be the best they can.

Rhiannon Jenkins

Rhondda girl born & bred to working class parents that tried to give me all possibilities & experiences by always putting myself & my elder sister first. This was key to my appreciation of my parents’ attitude towards life & how strong they were & made me. This was definitely the foundations for me in employment/career paths, becoming a wife & mother of two beautiful daughters.

I found myself in a competitive & extremely active childhood being a Club Swimmer, Lifeguard & a participant & love for all sports. Physical wellbeing & nutrition was definitely something that came natural to me. As a mother & wanting to make sure that my children were water confident from birth, I found myself wanting to give back a life skill, so I trained as a Swimming Instructor teaching Babies & Children in local pools within RCT. This is part time as a passion alongside my 16-year career in Local Housing.

My many roles within housing has made me see 1st hand what generations of individuals/families may face every day whether it be Relationship breakdowns, Food Poverty, Fuel Poverty, Digital Inclusion, lack of opportunities to progress in schools & higher education, lack of facilities/services in the local area & young & older Carers that go unnoticed. This each comes with physical, emotional & spiritual challenges every day & I am proud that Remember 2 Care have so many professionals that can make a positive change or difference.

I am excited to be part of Remember 2 Care & look forward to how we can empower you to be the best you can be.

Tina Jenkins (Treasurer)
Nathalie Truelove-McGurn

Hi, my name is Nathalie and I work as a Youth Engagement Facilitator helping young people on their social and emotional journeys. I am very passionate in supporting and guiding young people, helping to make a difference.

Growing up I often considered myself an outsider, lacking in self-confidence and direction. Trying different approaches of therapy, I found myself exploring more holistic approaches such as breathwork and meditation, finding it calming and helping me on my own personal journey.

I have since achieved various qualifications such as youth work, counselling and more, while still working away in the background on my own personal holistic journey, learning new techniques that I could share with others. I aim to continue with my own growth and knowledge so that I can proceed to work with young people who may struggle with similar emotions as I did and more.

Being a part of Remember2Care is an exciting opportunity and I am thrilled to take this journey with so many skilled individuals so that we can continue to learn and grow together.

Victoria Miles

I trained and qualified in Clinical Reflexology back in 2006 when I was pregnant with my son. I loved how holistic therapies and treatments had helped me on my own personal journey. I wanted to do something that would allow me to help others the way I was able to get help.

I have since qualified in many different areas including Acupressure, CBT, NLP and Grief and Bereavement Counselling to name a small selection.

I have run my own business since 2006 and while I specialised in fertility I love helping people no matter their situation so often I find myself working with a variety of different clients.

Working with Remember 2 Care is a different and exciting experience and I am excited about what this part of my journey will bring.

Cariad Davies

Navigating the complexities of a polycystic kidney liver disease diagnosis led me to explore holistic approaches like cold water therapy, contrast therapy, and mindful nutrition.

These practices not only supported my physical health but also played a crucial role in addressing mental health struggles, complemented by counseling. Embracing personal growth and self-care, I discovered resilience and strength in the face of adversity. Motivated by these experiences,

I proudly joined the Remember to Care team, advocating for holistic health and well-being, encompassing both physical and mental dimensions.

Rhian Hicks

Hi my name is Rhian Hicks I work for Cwm Taf health board as a Paediatric occupational therapist and I work  in and around the Rhondda and Merthyr Tydfil helping children and their families! I’m very passionate about helping people and making a difference.  Enabling people to live fulfilling lives with their children

Cai Preedy
As a Law Student and Young Politician, Mental Health and Mindfulness are a very important factor in my life.

Hello there, I’m Cai, a bit about myself!

I was born and raised in the Pontypridd Area and have lived here all my life.

I know full well that there is a growing Mental Health crisis in the country with our communities being massively affected. Cost of Living, Job crisis and a growing stigma on appearance and societal attitudes, it can be a really challenging time for people.

I joined Remember2Care when I realised the potential the group had to make real, positive change. Having suffered from Mental Health in the past and continue to suffer – I understand the struggles people have in speaking up and getting help. It’s great to see a group determined in breaking down the barriers and helping our communities.